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J Rudd’s Painting was founded by Josh Rudd, a second generation Cincinnati painter, in 2006. We specialize in interior painting, exterior painting, cabinetry painting, deck staining and site preparation services. With exhaustive experience in both residential painting and commercial painting, we have the track record to tackle any job. As a Cincinnati painter for over 15 years, we understand the specific needs associated with our region’s particular home styles, commercial buildings and climate considerations. With J Rudd’s you can have confidence knowing that we know Cincinnati better than any other painter in the area.


J Rudd’s Painting takes pride in our commitment to having a minimal impact on the environment. By leveraging today’s low odor chemicals and Sherwin Williams’ GreenGuard zero voc paints, we truly minimize the amount of emissions put back into the environment on every job site.  We do our best to save the world one paint job at a time!


There are so many color options these days, but have no fear, we the painters at J Rudd’s have seen it all. We know that changing the look of your home can be a very stressful time.  That is why we do everything we can to make it an enjoyable experience.  We truly enjoy sitting down with our clients to find the perfect solution for their needs.  With every residential job you will receive a complimentary color consultation and sample application.


J Rudd’s Painting has been around for 7 years, but owner/operator Josh Rudd has been painting in Cincinnati for over 15 years. Every minute of that time has been spent working for a family owned and operated business with a commitment to excellence. We look forward to 15 more years of growth and excitement in the Queen City.



Greg, Pleasant Ridge, OH: Josh’s team was simply the best. We were blown away. I can’t imagine there being a better Cincinnati painter out there.

Mary, Anderson, OH: We were honestly lost before J Rudd’s showed up. Now we have a home that is an amazing place to call home.

Marsha, Middletown, OH: Working with J Rudd’s Painting was a delightful experience.  It was a surprising one stop shop for painting, our beautiful new crown mold that Josh installed, and having our ugly old textured ceilings smoothed out to look like new again.  We couldn’t be happier!

Interior Painting


The inside of your home should reflect your personality and specific tastes. Let us help you achieve that look. We specialize Cincinnati interior painting, including the following:


Give your old, dated kitchen cabinets or built-ins a fresh updated look. Adding new paint to your old wood not only adds a layer of beauty, but creates a new layer of durability and ensures it will hold up against kids, pets, cleaning materials, sweeper, mops, etc.

Doors, windows, wainscoting, wood paneled walls, and trim work can also be painted any color you like. Update your trim for a new, brighter and lighter color for your home.

Cincinnati is home to a number of older homes with wonderful trim that requires a special eye and capabilities to recoat properly. As a painter with 15 years of experience in Cincinnati, we have seen it all and pride ourselves in attention to detail.


There are over 4,250 paint colors to choose from. With the professional color consultations that we offer, we make that paint deck not seem so intimidating. A new paint color can literally change the entire look of a room. It is also often the most cost efficient way to update your home.

No matter the age of your current paint color, we will make sure the surface of your walls are smooth and professional looking before we start painting, so the final paint product is rich and luxurious.  Achieving the right look also comes with having up-to-date knowledge of the products that the modern painting world has to offer. Our relationship with Sherwin Williams local stores and their paint representatives helps us achieve that knowledge everyday. We stay on top of our product research so you don’t have to.


Still living with that 30 year old wallpaper that you “love” so much, but are too scared to take it down due to all of the horror stories? With our extensive experience in paper removal, we have learned over the years that knowing the proper techniques and using the proper materials really make the difference when it comes to getting the finished look that we strive for and guarantee on every job. Rest assured, we will transform your old papered room into a clean modern look that you will be able to enjoy for years to come.

I know that a lot of folks think that wallpaper is a thing of the past, but it is starting to make a comeback. As a matter of fact, it has never gone out of style in top-end homes. It is very popular in powder rooms, kitchens and on accent walls. Wallpaper adds a unique look that is hard to get from paint or faux finishes, and it lasts for as long as you can stand to look at it.  It is a great option for those who like the maintenance free idea.


Over time, ceiling paint turns yellow from sunlight, house moisture, smoke, cooking, and other everyday wear and tear. Painting the ceiling is an easy way to brighten up a room and reclaim a fresh new look.





Exterior Painting

The outside of your home should reflect your personality and specific tastes. Let us help you achieve that look. We specialize in the following exterior painting services in the Cincinnati metro area:


A properly executed exterior paint job is your home’s last defense against moisture and impending wood rot that often takes place in our tough seasons. Failing to take the necessary steps to protect your home can be very costly. If a home goes unpainted through the seasons you may end up with extensive wood damage that could cost thousands to repair. Not to mention that wet, rotted wood is an open invitation for termites. The easiest way to prevent this is keeping up with the maintenance on your exterior. With J Rudd’s Painting, you get a platinum paint job every time.  We only use the best of materials that are eco-friendly and take proper precautions to ensure that no hazardous materials enter your soil. Have one of our specialists out today to evaluate the condition of your home and recommend the necessary steps to protect its exterior from the elements and restore its beauty.


If you have brick, aluminum, or vinyl siding, don’t forget about your wooden trim.  Failing to maintain the integrity of the paint on your trim can result in expensive repairs. Once again, proper preparations are the backbone of a good paint job. We inspect every board for rot and have our own carpenters to replace any damaged wood.  Before painting, we make sure that every piece of trim is nailed down and caulked up tight.


One way to drastically change the look of the exterior of your home is to paint your brick.  People have been painting their brick homes for a long time.  With so many years of experience, we know that using the proper materials is of the utmost importance when it comes to painting brick.  We guarantee our paint jobs and won’t leave you a blistering flaking mess.  Before you make the decision to transition your brick, make sure that your painter knows his business.





Deck & Fence Stain

The fact is: decks take a beating. The horizontal surfaces of a deck are usually exposed to the sun and rain with minimum protection and are often getting walked on by pets and owners causing traffic-wear patterns. For these reasons, decks are a constant maintenance issue.

When deck staining is done properly, a deck floor can last 2-5 years.  Railings and other vertical surfaces may last anywhere from 2-8 years.   J Rudd’s Painting takes a concerted effort to not only remedy the past issues of deck wear, but help prevent future wear through innovative products and techniques. Preparation is a big part of restaining a deck.  It is very important to have any and all mildew completely washed away before any stains or sealers are applied.  Depending upon the condition of your deck, it may be necessary to take the entire deck down to raw wood and start fresh.  Have one of the professionals at J Rudd’s evaluate the condition of your deck today and give recommendations to restore your deck’s natural beauty.




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