Exterior 101

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Exterior 101 - 

Spring will be here before you know it!  And if that groundhog was right – Cincinnati will be warm and wet in no time! That means it is that time of year again to take a good look at the exterior of your home and evaluate it’s condition.  Start with the gutters and be sure that they are not clogged at the top and bottom of the down spouts.  A clogged gutter can cause a number of problems that lead to water damaged and rotted materials.  The same applies to all caulk joints where trim boards meet soffits, fascia boards, and any window and door casings.  A Properly prepped paint job is your home’s last defense against the elements.  Not only do rotted boards look bad, they ruin the home’s insulated efficiency, and wet wood is an invite for termites!  That’s right, those little buggers always start their way into a home at the wettest corner of a house.

Be sure that you choose a true professional to when selecting from the number of Cincinnati exterior painters for your home.  Some people believe that a paint job is simply a color change or a fresh coat.  That is far from the truth when it comes to exterior painting.  As mentioned above, preparation is a HUGE portion of a properly executed exterior paint job.  With J Rudd’s Painting, you get a platinum paint job every time.  We wash your entire house regardless of what is getting painted, clean out all of the gutters, inspect every board for rot and give recommendations for replacement, make sure that every piece of trim is nailed down and caulked up tight.  We only use the best of materials that are eco-friendly and take proper precautions to ensure that no hazardous materials enter your soil.  If you are in the Cincinnati area, do your home and your wallet a favor this spring, give the professionals at J Rudd’s Painting a call and get the exterior condition of your home evaluated today.

~ J Rudd

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